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1. New Jersey Advisory Council on Safety and Health
A nonprofit organization whose members include unions, employees, petitioners' attorneys & doctors and citizens concerned with worker safety and health issues.

2. Overtime Pay Lawsuit Against IBM
On Jan 24, 2006 current and former IBM technical support employees filed a class action lawsuit against IBM for failure to pay overtime wages in violation of federal and state labor laws. The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco.

3. BLR: What to Do About Personnel Problems in Your State
Offers the HR Red Book which provides solutions to personnel problems in every state.

4. Find A Pension Lawyer.com
Find attorneys concentrating in retirement fund benefits suits, age discrimination, and pension fraud cases.

5. National Association Federal Wage Hour Consultants
Objectives include: sharing information regarding the enforcement of labor laws, reviewing regulations and policies being proposed by the Wage Hour Division, and testifying before Congress or at hearings on matters pertaining to the wage hour.

6. Free Overtime Quiz
Interactive online questionnaire designed to assess potential overtime pay claims. A service of the Law Offices of David H. Spalter, P.A., and its affiliates.

7. G.Neil: State Labor Law Compliance
Offers labor law posters which are required to follow federal posting mandates for each state.

8. EEO 21
Helps people to file discrimination charges at EEOC and other state agencies.

9. Welding Rod Manganese Injuries
Features information on the health risks of welding and its link to manganism and nerve disorders.

10. EVRI - Employment Verification Resources, Inc.
Provides I-9 compliance support for employers through training, auditing, education, and compliance management programs.
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